Mom's Club of Hamilton, NJ
Have you ever felt like the only stay at home mom?  Come meet other at-home moms and their children at the MOMS Club®.

We are a local chapter of the MOMS Club® which is an international, non-denominational and non-profit, organization specifically designed for at-home mothers.  We offer support to at-home mothers during the day because we know that is when you need it.  All but one of our activities is held during the day and children are allowed at all activities with the exception of MOMS Night Out.

Our #1 purpose is to form a network of support for at-home moms.  The MOMS Club® is a wonderful way for you to meet other at-home moms and a fun way for your children to meet other at-home kids.  The MOMS Club® is not based on race, religion, or financial stability.  Staying at home to raise your children is a decision and you are not alone.  The MOMS Club® is there to help support that decision.

Our dues are $25.00 a year and pay for our postage, supplies, and programs.  You may attend two (2) meetings  before you decide to become a member.  We understand that being a mother-at-home often means a tight budget, so if the dues would be a hardship for your family, please talk to one of our officers.

If you are a Mom residing in Hamilton Township, NJ please email us for more information.  If you live in another town please visit the International MOMS Club® website  to find your local chapter.  Please keep  in mind that not all chapters have a website.  You can always email the International MOMS Club® to locate a local chapter.